Why I do School Report… a teacher’s view


My name’s Freya, and together with Steven, we’ve been running School Report at Belper School for over four years now and always have a great time doing it.  Anything that gives us as teachers the opportunity to work with some of our amazing students is always a winner for me – you get a whole different view of people when you work with them outside of the classroom.

The skills the students develop are all really useful – it’s fascinating stuff to find out what goes on behind the scenes.  This year we took a trip to Birmingham to the BBC offices there and found out some really interesting stuff – like did you know that the news presenters a) have to write their own scripts and b) have to do their own makeup?  I had no idea.

In this day and age, understanding the media is one of the most important skills that I think we can help students develop.  There’s so much going on, unless you’ve got a real understanding of it, how can we ever know what is true and how we’re being manipulated.  Working on School Report really helps the students understand how they can manipulate the audience to think in a certain way, just by using specific words or shooting specific frames.

The day itself is always incredible hectic but a lot of fun – we’ve spent several months meeting up and working on our films but then bam!  The day is here – and from the very moment the school bell rings we’re all desperately trying to get things edited, shot and finished.  We’ll all finished exhausted but happy and it gives us a great sense of achievement to look back over the videos we’ve made.  We’re always so proud of everything our students have done!

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