How will Brexit affect YOU?

by Jack, BBC Belper School Reporter

Brexit, the topic practically everybody has an opinion on, but how will it effect us the people of Great Britain? Well in this article you are going to find out.

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The UK is considered one of the best places to start a business but with the uncertainty of Brexit that could change. For example if you order materials from Spain there used to be free trade but now there will be spike in cost due to the UK leaving the EU. The UK is expected to lose 10,500 finance jobs by day one of Brexit. As matter of fact some businesses aren’t even sure how Brexit will affect their business and that should change because some people could lose their businesses could crash and burn.

In November of 2017, the Bank of England increased interest rates for the first time in a decade. The bank’s Governor, Mark Carney admitted that the country’s economy will be heading for a bumpy ride in the upcoming years, and that there would be another two interest rate rises to occur before the end of 2020. Carney also stated that the Brexit vote has already slowed the English economy down.

I interviewed the Headteacher of Belper School, Mr Cooper, to see if Brexit will affect the school and students overall education. Mr Cooper stated that the school should become more multicultural following Brexit and that the school will become even more proactive.

There should be Religious Education lessons on respect, tolerance and even more religions, and we could expect more PSE lessons on those subjects as well. Although the schools plans haven’t been changed by Brexit the final deal could change things. Also,

now that the UK isn’t a part of the EU there won’t be as many research grants.

The UK has had a huge dependence on recruiting doctors and nurses from overseas, to be precise people from the Europe. The current level of recruitment is far from the amount needed. In 2016 it found that 50,000 clinical roles were left empty in England.  There are lots of variables with what could happening to the NHS following England leaving the EU so it its unknown what will happen to it. But it is known that the British economy will be in a bit of a state following England’s departure from the EU but after a couple of years it should clear up and the NHS could have more funding

Universities will be affected unlike secondary schools. The EU gives £800million in grants and contracts that make up 14% of University income. Will the government step up and give that 14% to the universities following England’s departure? Oxfords Migration Observatory has found that the English pound’s weakness since the referendum has reduced tuition fees for Chinese and American students.

The British economy, as previously stated, will be in a bit of a state for a while. Britain having agreed to pay up to £39billion to leave the EU. EU have officials demanded £100billion but that trade deal is seen as impossible. Theresa May has said that Britain will pay its dues but the exact amount has been the subject of immense negotiations. The current negotiations are meant to be ‘fair to the British tax payer’.

Since the British pound’s record high slum, the day of the Brexit referendum, the pound sterling has dropped in value. This makes it hard for people and families going out of the UK on holiday. It also makes it harder for people to buy materials, stock, etc from other countries.

To summarise England will be going through a lot of changes throughout the next couple of years. Some of these changes being: The British pound sterling, UK businesses and trading with EU countries.

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